introducing theAgora

An open global data exchange powered by ethereum, IPFS, hutX and the $ENTRP token.

We’re excited to announce the impending “alpha” release of theAgora. An open data marketplace where users can buy or request data for new insights, and sell and fulfill data and earn.

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”

Isaac Newton, 1675.

Built using hut34’s data technology; combining the unique properties of the ethereum blockchain, the Interplanetary File System and hut34’s hutX protocol*, users can easily and securely participate in the open data economy - Discovering new insights from the long tail of data and earn and profit from data and data services whilst maintaining data self sovereignty at all times.

The scale of the global data economy is exploding, but as data volumes increase, so does friction and fragmentation. Data velocity decreases, and the signal to noise ratio moves in the wrong direction.

Data exchanges like theAgora perform a vital service solving these problems. Allowing more efficient data discovery and matching data producers and data consumers. Creating opportunities for direct monetisation from selling data assets or data services, and providing access to purchase or request high value data.

“rapid growth in defi and the open finance economy has created a long tail of tradeable assets, and the role of data has become even more important. Access theAgora’s datavese has allowed us discover, request and purchase unique datasets and services - all critical in assisting us creating better trading decisions and market insights”

grant colthup, CEO - mine digital.

The ENTRP token forms a core substrate of theAgora’s tokenised data economy; acting as system collateral and the incentive reward mechanism for maintaining both the stability and growth of the token ecosystem, and data exchange users.

welcome to the Agora

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*The hutX protocol combines data security, with (ethereum) identities and value exchange mechanisms to allow the secure, trustless flow, and exchange of data and information between counterparties. It is currently in use solving data security, sharing and monetisation problems across academia, research and enterprise in Australia, UK and the USA.