Fiat Onboarding to the Binance DEX

Step by step instruction on Purchasing ENTRP tokens using AUD Fiat

Step-by-step instructions for how to;

  • setup up a BNB wallet on the Binance DEX (Decentralized EXchange)

  • purchase BNB (in AUD$) on the (Centralised EXchange (CEX)

  • trade the BNB for ENTRP-BEP2 token on the Binance DEX

To complete this guide you are required to have a verified account, and an Australian bank account or credit card

Create and unlock your BNB wallet on Binance.dex.

a.) Go to the Binance Decentralised Exchange;

b.) From the top menu bar, click on ‘Create Wallet’, read through the Wallet Creation Tutorial slides,

Click the I understand button on the final slide.

c.) Complete the Create New Wallet wizard;

- enter a strong password, and repeat the password in the 2nd field

  • click the check box

  • click the Download Keystore File button, and save the created file somewhere safe.

  • click the Continue button in the next window

d.) Copy down your mnemonic words (“seed phrase”), including the corresponding numbers, and confirm them to ensure you have copied them correctly.

*** Note: copy to paper and keep in a safe place, you will need if you lose your Keystore file.

  • click the Continue button, then click the Yes button on the pop-up screen.

  • in the next window, locate the words matching each of the listed numbers from the list of mnemonic words you copied down.

  • next click the Continue button, and then click the Unlock the wallet button on the final pop-up screen.

*** Note: you will need the ‘mnemonic’ words, to connect to the wallet if you lose the Keystore file.

e.) Now you will unlock your wallet so you will have access to it on the exchange;

  • on the next screen, click the Upload keystore file button, and select the file that you saved earlier in the setup process.

  • click in the Enter your wallet password text box, and enter the password that you used when creating the Keystore file.

  • and lastly click the Unlock Wallet Now button.

*** Congratulations, you are now ready to trade on the Binance DEX exchange ***

  • click the User Account icon button to see your new BNB wallet address.

You will use this address as the deposit BNB address, when you are ready to to transfer your BNB.

In the next steps you will purchase BNB on the central Binance exchange, and then transfer them to this BNB address.

Purchase BNB on using AUD

Deposit AUD fiat using a Bank Transfer;

a.) log into with your verified Binance account.

  • click on Buy Crypto from the top menu bar and select Bank Deposit

  • on the left side of the Deposit page, select AUD from the Currency drop-down list

  • enter the dollar amount that you want to deposit in the Amount text box.

  • click the Continue button at the bottom of the page.

  • using the deposit information on the new Payment details window, now complete the funds transfer from your bank account, see Important notes section.

  • once your funds transfer is complete you can see your deposit via the View Wallet button.

b.) When your bank funds arrive you will need to purchase BNB to send to your BNB wallet connected to the DEX exchange.

  • from the top menu bar click on Buy Crypto and then on Cash Balance from the drop-down list.

This will bring you to the Buy Cryptocurrency page. On the Buy Cryptocurrency page:

  • select AUD from the Currency drop-down list. Page.

  • Enter the amount (AUD) that you want to spend.

  • Select the Coin you want to purchase. (In this case select BNB)

  • Next click the Buy BNB button;

Buy Crypto with Credit Card

a.) Log into Binance with your verified account.

  • click on Buy Crypto from the top menu bar and select Credit/Debit Card

This will bring you to the Buy Cryptocurrency page.

b.) on the Buy Crypto-currency page;

  • select AUD from the Currency drop-down list. Page.

  • Enter the amount (AUD) that you want to spend.

  • Select the Coin you want to purchase.

(In this case select BNB)

  • Next click the Buy BNB button;

3. Transfer BNB from to your Binance wallet to the external BNB wallet cannected to the DEX.

Now you have purchased your BNB coins, return to the home page of the website.

a.) from the top menu bar, click Wallet and select Overveiw from the drop-down menu.

This will bring you to the Wallet Overview page;

b.) at the top of the Overview page, click the Withdraw button;

This will take you to the main Withdraw page;

c.) In the left panel of the page, use the Coin drop-down list and select BNB

  • and in the right panel, copy/paste your DEX wallet

address (see Step 1) into the Recipient’s BNB Address field.

  • select BEP2 from the drop-down list, of the Transfer network section.

  • add a note to the MEMO field, and add the amount you are transferring in the Amount space.

  • and finally and click the Submit button.

d.) After clicking submit on the previous page, you will now see the Security verification pop-up, this is the final security check to verify your transfer.

  • click the Send code button, and then go to the email account you have connected to your account.

  • locate the email sent to your from and copy the code into the space provided in the Security verification window.

  • next open your Google Authenicator app, and copy the current code into the space provided.

  • Finally click on the Submit button again.

*** Congratulations; If you then see the below pop-up message, then your withdrawal has been successfully submitted and your BNB will arrive in your DEX wallet address within a few minutes.

4. Trade your BNB for ENTRP on Binance.DEX

a.) In the top menu bar, click Exchange, and select Tokens (BEP2)

You will now see the main page of the Binance decentralised exchange.

Use the below descriptions to complete the next steps;

b.) In the token selection area;

  • check that BNB is selected

  • type ENTRP into the search.

  • Next click the resulting ENTRP/BNB pair.

This will open the current trading information for the pair.

The current buy and sell orders are listed in the Order book, with the highest buy price at the top of the green values, and the lowest sell price at the bottom of the red values, meeting in the middle.
(The difference between them is called the spread.)

Prices displayed are in BNB value, with the most recent purchase price in the centre with the USD value in yellow.

c.) If you are happy to buy ENTRP immediately, and at the lowest current asking price, you can just click on lowest (red) sell.

This will copy that price value into the Price field of the Limit Order section.

  • enter the Total BNB you want to swap for ENTRP and the Amount field will auto-fill with the total ENTRP you will receive.

  • and press the Buy ENTRP button.

* Congratulations, your ENTRP will now be in your BNB wallet.

d.) If you placed a lower price order (or a higher sell order), the info will show in the Open Orders tab, in the bottom left section of the page, until the order in filled by someone.

When your order has completed, the transaction can be found in the Trade History tab.

Here you can also see all of your Open Orders, your Order History, and your wallet Balances.

You can also locate your Balancers, Order, and Transactions information from the top menu bar on the main page of the exchange.