theAgora Data Marketplace; An overview

Selling, requesting, storing and earning $ENTRP with data on @theAgoraxyz

TheAgora is a decentralised data marketplace built on ethereum and the HutX protocol. It allows anyone with an Ethereum address to participate in the exchange, curation and self sovereign storage of data assets.

Participants that register on theAgora platform can earn ENTRP rewards by (i) uploading and selling datasets (provided they have the rights to do so) or (ii) fulfilling Requests for Data (RFDs).

The decentralised nature of this exchange not only provides increased data security and a more direct and varied access to valuable data, but it also facilitates increased data velocity which is advantageous for individuals, businesses and machine learning algorithms all the same.

Earning through selling data

An individual, company or government entity that holds proprietary datasets, can upload these to theAgora platform for sale.

Alternatively a platform user could create a new dataset or add value to an exisiting data asset through analytics, cleaning, categorising or some other form and then sell this through the platform.

Data assets can take multiple forms and types; from scientific data, graphic, tech and other content. Personal data sets, data an organisation has accumulated over a period of time to AI-learning models.

Data Sellers can add a pre-determined ENTRP price-tag to the data set, and exchange between a buyer and seller is done via smart contracts on the ethereum blockchain.

Requesting data with RFD’s and earning through fulfilling RFD’s

If you need data for personal, commercial or research use, you can create a Request for Data (RFD) on theAgora platform which can be fulfilled by another party.

Data scientists and analysts can earn ENTRP rewards by fulfilling RFD’s; finding, collating and creating the data or adding value to open source data in order to fulfil a RFD.

theAgora RFD’s employ an ENTRP staking and slashing process which incentivises both sides of any data trade to achieve mutual satisfaction with the data provided. Bad actors are penalised, and white hats are rewarded.

Storage and data security

During each user registration process, participants creating their Agora profile automatically create:

  • A custodial wallet

  • An identity on the ethereum blockchain and a self sovereign ‘dropbox’; where data is encrypted and stored on IPFS

  • private keys which only they have access to.

  • access to the dataVerse – discover , buy and sell data assets.

TheAgora wallet can hold any ERC 20 token and is used to fund the purchase of data assets and Requests for Data, and securely store ENTRP tokens earned from data sales.

In the weeks ahead we’ll publish more details on theAgora data market place, its functions and the features we’ve touched on above and our vision for the future.

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