Adding liquidity to ENTRP-ETH on Uniswap

Step by step instructions on starting liquidity mining ENTRP on Uniswap

Firstly, make sure you are logged into your MetaMask or another Web3 compatible wallet.

Ensure that the wallet contains sufficient amount of ETH /WETH (wrapped ETH) and ENTRP that you want to provide to the Uniswap liquidity pool.

  1. Go to this Uniswap link if you are contributing WETH directly to the pool. Or to contribute ETH use this Uniswap link.

  2. Enter an amount in the “Input” field, for either ETH/WETH or ENTRP. Uniswap will autofill the correct amount of the other asset based on current exchange rates.

  1. If you have not previously “Approved” the tokens for Uniswap, you will now see the Approve ENTRP and/or Approve ETH/ WETH buttons in the Uniswap UX.

    (If you have approved both previously, skip to step 4)

    a. Click the Approve ENTRP button and then complete and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

    b. Click the Approve ETH/WETH button and then complete and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

*When both of the tokens are Approved, the (blue or pink) Supply button will be available.

  1. Click the Supply button, and check the details in the transaction pop-up window, and click the Confirm Supply button when ready

  1. Complete and confirm the ethereum transaction in your web3/metamask wallet.

After this transaction confirms on the Ethereum blockchain, you’re done!

The interface shows your pooled ETH/WETH and ENTRP balances and your share of the trading pair’s overall liquidity pool.

You’ll keep earning a portion of the 0.3% fee on any trades between WETH/ETH and ENTRP until you remove your liquidity.

* Additionally, with launch of the current liquidity experiment LE#1, ENTRP Liquidity Providers will earn up to a maximum 1000 ENTRP per day depending on their contribution to the Uniswap pool. Read more about it here.

the data Odyssey continues

the Agorans

This instructional piece has been created by an Agoran in a response to an issued Request for Data (RFD). RFDs are a feature of theAgora data exchange and provide a means of obtaining information and data you may require. In this case the Fulfiller met the terms of the RFD and was rewarded 250 ENTRP for their succesful completion.

If you want want to find out how you can start to earn ENTRP by selling data and information or fulfilling RFD’s follow us on twitter or join the discussion on discord

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